Book Review: Vintage, A Novel by Susan Gloss, 2014 Harper Collins

            Do you ever wish that an author like Marie Bostwick or Barbara O’Neal or Rachel Herron would write a novel that features vintage clothing and accessories rather than quilters, foodies, or knitters? Well, you’re in luck because Susan Gloss has done just that in her debut novel, Vintage. This charming story set in Madison, Wisconsin, highlights the lives of several women of varying age and circumstances. Like the afore-mentioned esteemed writers, rather than have a single heroine, all the women help each other out with whatever troubles are thrown their way. Another lovely feature of this book is the way vintage items that are described at the beginning of each chapter are tucked into the folds of the story in a very natural way. Since this is what some would call “chick lit,” the requisite love story is included. However, Gloss manages to seamlessly weave three relationships into the tale, and just as the women differ, each one of the relationships has its own unique trials and tribulations. Just as a love of vintage apparel is showcased, Gloss also includes a side story about mental health and how sometimes, it is the loved ones of those suffering from mental illnesses who are left to clean up in the wake of so much pain and inner turmoil. Readers of all kinds will not be surprised to find this to be a delightful novel. In fact, it may inspire many to pick up Gloss’s next book, The Curiosities. Personally, I can’t wait to pick it up!

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