Signal Moon: Short Story, Big Impact

Author Kate Quinn Has done it again! Signal Moon is yet another masterpiece to add to her illustrious repertoire, and this time it is personal to me as a recently retired ‘Intell’ Sailor who did not always get a fair shake despite my unwavering dedication over the years. Available only on Audible for now, this short but powerful story is a love letter to those who actually do the work within the military intelligence industry. For folks like me, this fantastic story is a must read right up there with anything else about our long and varied history from Bletchley Park to Midway to the On the Roof Gang to NSA and beyond. Day by day throughout their careers, these diligent folks permanently damage their hearing straining to hear and decipher static-riddled audio and type or write until their hands cramp while ‘scribing and spinning and grinning. Thank you, Author Quinn, for such a true representation of so many unsung people and for the way you characterized the importance of this work in such a sincere way. From those past, current, and future individuals working the inevitably long hours in a building, underground, in the air, on a battlefield, or at sea to those in the future who may even work in space, this one really is for you. READ IT NOW!